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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2012 3:30am-4:00am EST

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fact and the next two year twenty thirteen as it relates to war the global economy and much more i'm joined by gerald celente publisher of the trends journal and founder of the trends research institute charles thank you so much for joining me. my pleasure so on the cover of your autumn issue of the trends journal there's a photo of mitt romney and barack obama the caption that reads the lesser of two evils i mean i hear people all the time tell me obama is going to do more or now the has a second term and doesn't need to worry about re-election or people thinking that he's going to do less because he doesn't care about re-election so what do you think what do you what do you see him specifically doing now that he's doesn't really have to worry about getting those votes you know he's doing more of this saying you know i've been at this a lot of years and i have to tell you i've never witnessed an election like this before there's been no post-election bounce. the blood fell off the rose immediately after election day you saw the equity
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markets around the world and there's been nothing really since that has happened to have generated any hope or change we can believe in and i want to make this really clear for those of you don't know i'm a political atheist i don't believe in political religions i don't believe in their political god so when i look at events in issues it's so what they are and not the way i want them to big so what i'm saying this about obama is very significant because this is again you know this is this dead balance after the election had romney won there would have been a little bit of hope because people would have then said hey let's give them a chance you know you've got to give them a chance even though of course he had no policies to speak of either so this is very interesting that we're going into this new year with really
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a lame duck or dead duck president that i've never seen happen before yeah great point yeah i mean that more should be in these these political idols is just absurd i mean it's really damaging i think to the political rhetoric and right now of course we're seeing a lot of rhetoric about syria saad about to use chemical weapons of course really reminiscent of the iraq war buildup and the iran war drums have been beating for about a decade now i mean do you think what do you think about two thousand and thirteen do you think this is the year that will finally intervene in these in these regions . you mean the nobel peace prize winner starting another was somewhere like the wonderful humanitarian mission in libya that left the war that left the place in a civil war and began to destabilize other parts of north africa including syria mali and other areas you mean that i have to tell you our forecast is
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that the first great war of the twenty first century has already be god and people aren't adding up the pieces they're looking at all these events as one offs for example we could talk about syria and what's going on now and now of course the united states supporting them as well as nato and many other countries in trying to overthrow assad we're looking now at a civil war also raging in libya in in libya i mention mali you go down to the congo the sudan there was an uprising so out of africa go over to yemen wonderful civil war going on over there that the united states is also involved in how about bahrain those same thing bad about bahrain the united states has the fifth fleet anchored off there there in civil war look what's going on in egypt look what's going on in tunisia look what's going all audience spain as the millions of
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indignados take to the street you know my saying is a former bronx guy when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose they lose it they're losing it in greece they're losing it in italy they're losing it in portugal they're losing it in ireland the world is it war all of the pieces are coming together but they're calling them something else day not even calling it class warfare in europe for example and it is yes it does seem like every. country across the world is a tyranny with the global market everything's connected. in its current trajectory it's not sustainable kind of on a crash course and with all of this conflict happening jerrold one of your trends is peace what what up with that. well what we're saying is that we see
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this direction is going i mean you don't have to be a trend forecaster to figure it out we believe we're going to see masses peace movements begin to happen in the twenty first in two thousand and thirteen as there's still outstanding out of control and that's what's going on now and by the way you know people say well you know you used to talk about the problems how about the solution we've come up with a solution it's called the world leader fight to the finish say soft. if obama keeps shooting his mouth off and says he wants assad to go well great let's put it on pay per view like they used to do the old day job serious with the warriors used to fight it out among between each other if you have your psycho trip going on you want to take out assad take him out if
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you're going to call him out take him out or get out why do involve all the innocent people as all of these so-called experts tell us what should be done and by the way we could also help balance the budget because we could put these say soft on pay per view you've got a problem with ahmed davies who has the problem a whole law and oh how about cameron could you imagine david cameron the prime minister of the u.k. duking it out with another man i mean come on this guy gets off playing with a tennis machine hitting the ball back and forth if these people are going to call themselves commanders and she lead the fight and i say that by the way as a man who is
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a close combat second degree martial artist if there's someone out i'll take them out i'm not going to i'm not going to back out and say hey you soldiers go fight for the ultimate cause but but gerald german we've progressed so much since the roman empire we don't have you know people battling in the colosseum and we just we just like to have these wars go on far away where we don't know really what's going on and we just like to pretend it's all fur best interest rodent would love to see about i mean to me that i want to talk about another trend that you're predicting which is fracking what do you explain more about i mean do you think that we're going to go more toward towards natural gas fracking methods instead of oil. why do you say to have over ten thousand words white paper that's going to be part of the top trends of twenty
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third scene that will be out in a few weeks on hydro fracking and yes it's going to be huge again whether you're for it or against it again we only look at the issues for what they are not the way we want them to be and i live in new york state near frat that they may be fracking in a neighborhood near me and i have to say speaking for myself i'm not in favor of it however it's going to be huge we doubt it's going to stop and when you went back to the debates between obama and romney it was who is going to frack more not frat or not the issue was not are we going to frac it all and if you listen to obama's state of the nation address he also bragged about more hydro fracking and opening up seven hundred million acres of public land for more hydro fracking so yes it's going to continue and and we also believe it will serve to keep gas prices and energy prices lower do you think it's going to happen in conjunction
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with the you know still drilling in the deep water drilling all the wells opening up this pipeline going across the u.s. and also more projects in the middle east is this going to happen in conjunction of that or are we going to go toward more toward these other methods of extraction now it's going to go in conjunction with that we believe that the keystone pipeline will be approved by the obama administration and it was just stalling tactic until after the election so you could support and secure a part of his base and he's also let's not forget has opened up areas of the arctic drilling so we're going to see all of that and by the way just want to jump that one moment about the wars you know how they say the generals keep fighting the last war the reason we're saying about peace and this is very important. i was brought down to the junior military institute in two thousand and as the keynote speaker to talk about new millennium was there people such as general anthony zinni who ran
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the panel after i spoke about it generals always fight the last war with we get involved in this keeps expanding you're going to see world wars of weapons of mass destruction you're not going to death thirty five years you're going to have suitcase sized nuclear weapons you're going to have biological warfare you're going to have dirty bombs and to put this into perspective look what hurricane sandy did to new york and the area by just flooding some area could you imagine dirty bombs going off this is going to be hell when we talk about this and what we're saying is the same cycle paths in chief that have got us into all these other wars that are losing wars and ongoing wars with very fearful of the next war and they're all still working behind the scenes or out and it really is going to be peace or perpetual war we may not have
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a future to predict thank you so much for coming on i want to get you back on and talk about the economy the fiscal cliff all that stuff will have to get you back on again soon have an awesome next year new year's eve and we'll talk to you soon publisher of the trends journal thank you. some of you like what you say so far go to our you tube channel youtube dot com fast break and all that and drive check out our facebook page at facebook dot com slash breaking a fat there want to know what i'm doing when i'm not on air follow me on twitter at abby martin so they tend to hear about the top news stories i think the mainstream media missed this past year. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hartman welcome to the big picture.
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that try all teach spanish find out more visit i to allahabad. if the mission free accreditation and free transport charges free. range member free risk free studio types free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects that free media dot r.t. dot com. so guys you hear me talk about the corporate media on this show every single day i criticize the mainstream press because what they do is a disservice for focus of what should be important to average human beings as substituted by ational isn't censorship and lies twenty four hours a day seven days a week and now that we're literally days away from two thousand and thirteen it's
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important look back to some of the most under reported or censored stories of the past year that have shaped the fabric of this country and the world so on that note tell me break down the biggest stories that the mainstream media missed in two thousand and twelve i'm going to break in a separate is there and well. hi. hi first to talk about how censorship doesn't just mean the complete mittens of stories it also means bias it means framing the stories in certain ways and i wanted to really quickly go through this list number five gaza number four the afghanistan war number three drones surveillance number two bradley manning and number one the n.d.a. a so let's start with the gaza i think to a lot of people who have been watching the news they'd be like well we did cover gaza the corporate news did cover the israeli palestinian conflict the problem is that it's extremely biased you hardly ever saw any even alternative news really
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criticize israel it was mostly just kind of showing israel as the victim and we see that a lot across the corporate media no absolutely and i think that's one thing that we did on this show a lot during the crisis you were covering what was going on on the ground and you were trying to cover it in an objective way that painted a picture that went back beyond you know what the corporate media in the mainstream media was saying was kind of a catalyst for the event which if you were true in tuning into c.n.n. or tuning into your fox or any of the even b.b.c. and people were talking about ok why is this going on and why is there another conflict oh it's because gaza fired rockets from israel you had a guest on the show phyllis bennis who has actually made a very very good point. does that history historical account begins when you start the clock so if you are going to start talking about the palestinian conflict based on rockets being fired from from gaza and not look back at the days before the days leading up to this event where there were i.d.f. soldiers israeli defense forces actually in the in the in gaza they were tanks with
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bulldozers that actually kind of changes you want to go back decades which is of course the occupation and how far back it goes and i really just really quickly want to mention all of our stone actually just came out a person that we just had on the show a couple days ago who said the jewish control of the media and the lobby the jewish lobby in this country i mean it's really something that no one addresses and it really does influence media and influence hollywood and the government so that's you know that's something that all over soon actually came out pretty controversial talking point and show that it's really blatant you know it's true and at the end of the day this really is not about semitism this is not about anti-semitic rever the thing about it is that more americans actually knew were actually exposed to the types of human rights abuses the state of israel perpetrates on a daily basis i think that they would actually see an outcry and even condemnation of journalists that leave people american citizens in the dark about what another a lot of other countries do let's talk about afghanistan and the afghanistan war so many people think it's over afghanistan war is over we've pulled out basically this
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this year has proved a complete and utter failure and policy that the surge suicide rates of veterans now outnumber the deaths in combat i mean this is the long term effects of what these wars do but in afghanistan itself i mean the rise the surge and insider killings green on blue killings now the strategic pact between karzai government and the obama administration to extend the troop deadline till twenty twenty four which is not being talked about at all and i think that that's one of the most underreported stories this year yes every once in a while we hear that we're still at war with afghanistan but nobody's talking about what are we really going to be pulling out in two hundred fourteen there's the strategic pact with with karzai government we. you know karzai government is really not popular in afghanistan and if you look at the people that are competent around him the u.s. military and u.s. forces that are that are his bodyguards i mean what the united states is afraid of is that once the u.s. pulls out it's going to be taliban control the only way that they can actually avoid this is not by staying to twenty fourteen is actually extending this deadly
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point to and we just heard blackwater bases the camp integrity of that giant contract between the special operations troops there and of course just the enormous amount of people who have died this year since obama got elected actually let's talk about drones the expanse of it the expansion of drones i feel like this year i've heard more about drones than any other year i mean it's just seems like it's just as late every country has them we're sending drones a spy in iran you know at the extra judicial assassination judge jury executioner these drones are just it's the new face of war they're everywhere into the credit of the american corporate media they have been covering it more this year than they had in the past has been on this since last year early last year but but yeah absolutely the expansion of drone programs not only abroad in places like yemen somalia pakistan in mali and even in latin america they're deploying them from panama to kind of do. but the expansion here in the united states the fact that there are countless cities that have drones flying over american airspace that's a big deal and i think that that's something that the mainstream media is not
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focusing on the fact that we're you know assassinating people in other countries and that the backlash that's creating the anti-american sentiment counterproductive it creates more terrorists as jimmy carter griese with and also you have a chilling effect of drone surveillance here in the u.s. completely under reported manny let's move on to bradley manning what is the you know as you've said it's the symbol for kind of this whole front the war on whistleblowers seven people charge of the espionage act under obama administration what else is the signifies kind of this case actually for if you do mention something very important seven people under the obama administration charged into the espionage act that's more than any other presidency in the mirror in american history come by. this is a very archaic the espionage act of early twentieth century is still being used today and under the obama administration seven times and bradley manning is sort of become the poster child for whistleblowers and the message in the dangerous message and dangerous precedent that this sets for people that may be in the military
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federal employees or the average citizen that wants to blow the whistle on something that they see happening that they know is wrong and then seeing kind of the effects of what's happened to bradley manning being detained for how many how many how many days one hundred eighty days. terry confinement up until recently we heard him speak i mean this it's a very very dangerous precedent that he whistled there should be ten thousand more badly managed instead i fear that how he's been treated and the charges that he does face they'll be less and less and we have one minute left but i want to get into the n.b.a. the national defense authorization act the law that literally i mean this is this is these this really this story this is the story of the year absolutely new year's eve last year obama signed this law to indefinitely detain american citizens and there's just been a huge fight the biggest unmentioned under reported fight against civil liberties on the front abilities in this country this last year could not agree with you more i mean and we're talking about this being the story of the year sign new year's eve since the first day of two thousand and twelve this was this was a law that was in place and the fact that the obama administration has been spying
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so hard to keep that indefinite detention clause that states that the u.s. president can order the military to detain american citizens or american or u.s. residents indefinitely without due process that's a very very bad and the biggest attack to u.s. civil liberties that we've seen in a very long time and we'll see what about the what's going to of this feinstein amendment that perhaps will change that but still not allowing and. due process for all citizens so we'll see what happens come this next year thank you so much for coming on breaking down the top five unreported stories from the mainstream media course artes and covering them a long time and all things have a happy new year. have you ever felt that you were living in the matrix have you felt like you awoke to a dark truth of what reality really is is how things really are and to the people around you sometimes seem like they're ostracism with their head buried in the sand
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well with the complete inundation of government lies and corporate media propaganda it's easy to understand why most people live and blissful ignorance so this whole reminds me of my favorite story something that i learned studying philosophy that completely rings parallel to today's world plato's fictional dialogue the allegory of the cave and it goes like this imagine a dark cave where prisoners have a live or tired system facing nothing but a blank wall the prisoners are chained to be completely immobile behind the prisoners as a walkway that separates them from a giant burning fire the fire cache shadows on the wall of objects and people that pass through the walkway now the prisoners cannot see the walkway or the people carrying these objects all they can see are the shadows the shadows that they see are all that make up the prisoners reality of their culture and knowledge is entirely based on what the shadows do in the same way that we pray occupy our lives
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with mindless entertainment waiting for hours and traffic sitting in a cubicle staring at a computer screen doing something we loathe and stuffing our faces with garbage and we do the whole of this believing that there's no alternatives that life is nothing more than that one day someone from the real world one of the people who normally has the shadows on the wall decides to enter the caves and free a prisoner in shackles him and tells him to come outside of the cave when the prisoner complies he's not first blinded by the sun and then horrified by the realization that his entire reality is nothing more than an illusion so player then poses a question a question that is a personal challenge and nate within us all when after getting a glimpse of an ugly truth and scary reality would you choose to go back. to blissful ignorance would you be scared of the personal responsibility that will never be calm with the truth or would you pursue it no matter how horrifying it may be realities such as accepting the fact that the this government kills its own
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people that sacrifices us to advance an agenda of global control military dominance corporate profit those are the realities that so many people choose to be blinded from. dark truths like operation northwoods a government plan drafted to stage an attack and kill americans to primp to the cuban invasion in the sixty's j.f.k. assassination nine eleven or the fact that what the government tells us is safe to eat is really killing us about the fact that the corporatocracy rapes and pillages of the earth simply for profit without a care for the fate of humanity or this precious and environment and the establishment pushes religion and political dogma to stifle a collective consciousness from growing one that may phase them out but ultimately finding the truth is up to you the decision you have to make and nothing else will ever be more important than this decision so do you shackle down your mind and subscribe to old school paradigms or do you liberate yourself by acknowledging
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